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Intimate – AI Girlfriend is the finest option for virtual girlfriends. Because of its sophisticated AI Chat technology, it permits completely unfiltered NSFW conversations and sexting roleplay that looks pretty authentic.

Have you been seeing the same shit over and over again, and you’d like to try out new stuff? AI Sexting offers you a whole new world of possibilities, and the Intimate app might be the difference you have been looking for. Intimate is an AI-sexting app which offers you an opportunity to make intimate connections with lifelike AI characters, but don’t get it twisted, Intimate is not just a messaging app like various sexting apps which have come before it, but an app which takes sexting to a whole different level with multiple features you may not have seen before.

The most notable feature of Intimate is its hyperrealistic AI characters, which are all designed to get you into very intimate and personalised conversations. Whether you seek hot discussions that get you in the mood or something more profound, Intimate has got you covered.

We have talked about how the Intimate app allows you to have smooth sailing and stimulating conversations with your AI companion, but that’s not all there is to this app, as it offers you a lot more than just basic-level sexting. On Intimate, you can perform play activities by enabling the NSFW feature, which removes all restrictions and allows you to go as wild as you want. This may be surprising, but you can make calls with your AI character, and you can also create and save memories with your character. Sexting on Intimate is as real as it gets.

Now, you’re probably thinking this is too good to be true, and it will have its downsides. The only downside is that you’ll have to pay to keep enjoying the features of the Intimate app, but paying for good services is just a little sacrifice we have to make sometimes. Your data is safe and stored in the app’s cloud, so you have no privacy concerns.

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