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Candy.ai is introducing artificial intelligence (AI) to relationships. Take pleasure in lively, uncensored conversations and video content with virtual girlfriends who are impulsive, individualistic, and full of life.

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Imagine it’s your first time having sex, and you try your best to hide your inexperience from your very experienced female partner.
Sex with her was very random, and you never expected it to happen, one minute you’re both chilling, discussing on the rooftop, the next second, you’re making out, and as you attempt to take her panties off, she tells you she’s on her period, but being the freaky ass fucker that you are, you tell her you do not mind – blood is nothing more than lube to you. She smiles and you both get to work, you spend minutes trying to penetrate her willing and bloody pussy, and she begins to suspect if you’re not as experienced as you might claim to be. You blame your inability to stay up and penetrate her on the blood, and she believes you.
Finally, you get in, and as you pound away, you’re glad to no longer be a virgin but barely enjoy the experience because the smell of blood affects you considerably, and you might not be as freaky as you thought you were. It doesn’t matter, and you fuck for a while, then you both settle into your routine of watching the best AI porn from candy.ai. It’s the best way to end an arduous day capped off by your first sexual experience.

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