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Imagine a dominatrix fucking the hell out of you while inflicting debilitating pain on your body, leading you to blow your load harder than you have ever done in your life.

Your girlfriend has been with you since you were 15, and she’s the only woman you have ever been with sexually. Kyla is as perfect as possible, but as time passes, you begin to wonder what you might be missing out on by staying loyal to the love of your life. You tell her about your conundrum, and she begs you not to cheat on her or break up with her. A few days later, you cum home, and she Kyla in full BDSM regalia; she figured that the sex had become dull and plans to breathe new life into your sex life.
You try to speak, but a sharp whip across your chest shuts you up, and the pain turns you on a bit. She tells you you’re her slave and commands you to take off your clothes. You oblige, and she cuffs you to your bedframe. She puts on Rihanna’s hit single “Work” and begins to striptease and undress like a pro. Her little act turns you on, and you wonder where she learned these slutty moves from. She puts a whip around your neck and rides you like a nympho that’s just been released in the wild. The harness on your neck tightens as she rides, but the lack of air in your windpipe makes the experience better, and when you try to cum she stops and makes you beg her to continue. After watching you grovel like the sexual slave that you are, she finally climbs your throbbing dick again and rides you faster and more complicated than ever, and as you approach orgasm, she once again stops, dismounts, and goes to bed. You beg her to make you cum and untie you, but she chuckles, turns the lights off, and leaves the room. You spend the night tied up and gagged, and you’re genuinely her slave.

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